February 2, 2014

7.20.2013 ~ Something Blue

*Wedding by Bailey

Paul and Elizabeth wed July 20, 2013 in Dallas, Oregon at the beautiful home of Elizabeth’s parents. In the days leading up to the wedding ,Elizabeth’s father excitedly prepared his home to welcome guests near and far for the celebration of his daughter getting married. The lawn was seeded, flowers were planted, a walkway was placed, and a parking area installed. On the day of the wedding, the ordinary home became an extraordinary setting for a young couple to become husband and wife.

The evening I first met with Paul and Elizabeth they weren’t sure about any of their wedding details besides the fact that they were getting married. After visiting for a while and talking about their likes and dislikes, it became clear to me that these two wanted to celebrate their love in a fashion truly unique to them. As the plans developed, fun and unique ideas came to light. Paul loved music so they decided to have a band made up of close college friends play at the wedding. Elizabeth’s brother was excited to contribute a home-brewed batch of beer, and neither Paul nor Elizabeth really like cake, so they decided to have pie instead.
As the wedding day arrived, Special Occasions helped transform the backyard into a beautiful ceremony space and reception venue by providing all the necessary rental items we needed. The tables were decorated with blue tablecloths and white napkins – staying true to the colors Elizabeth had wanted. Katie Davis provided beautiful flowers for centerpieces accented with blue and white striped ribbon and Elizabeth’s mother made custom photo albums for each table with pictures of both Paul and Elizabeth as young children, growing up and falling in love. A bag of seeds to plant a tree was placed at each table setting as a gift for the guests, made for Paul and Elizabeth by a family member. The final accent was a bowl of hand-picked Oregon raspberries for guests to snack on.

Elizabeth walked down the aisle with her father in the beautiful backyard setting they had created. A short and sweet ceremony was followed by a yummy dinner prepared by Valley Catering, heartfelt toasts which made everyone both laugh and cry and an evening full of games, dancing and sparklers. Julie of Julie Randall Photography perfectly captured the enjoyment and excitement of both the newlywed couple and their guests as they played giant Jenga, enjoyed homemade beer and savored pie made by Blue Raeven Farmstand. The pie even had custom crusts with Paul and Elizabeth’s initials (which just so happens to look like the word pie when adding a heart in the middle). As night approached tents were being set up in the yard so friends could stay and celebrate the night away. When saying my last goodbyes and congratulating the new couple I was happy to see guests still enjoying the day Paul and Elizabeth had created since our first meeting of unknowns.
Special thanks to Julie Randall for letting me feature her photos on the blog.      
I loved working with Paul and Elizabeth because they were so genuine and sweet! And I loved that they shared some of their favorite things with everyone on their wedding day! Thank you so much for letting me share this special day with you.   

September 5, 2013

Featured Vendor ~ Ella Winston

We have been LOVING what we are seeing over at Ella Winston!  Formerly known as Bag Secrets, this amazing little company creates gorgeous, hand crafted, custom clutches for any event.  In a recent interview with Kristin Ames, owner of Ella Winston, we discovered a little bit more about the mastermind behind the company!

1.  How did you decide to start this business?

I had the desire to create my own handbags back in college (nearly 10 years ago, yikes!) At that time creating and selling my handbags was just a dream that seemed impossible. I had no experience and no clue on how to go about selling my bags, so instead I let fear stand in my way and I just created bags for myself. About one and a half years ago my husband finally said (after creating yet another bag for myself) "Are you going to sell that?!" My first reaction was no, but then I started thinking why not? I had a cousin getting married last July so I decided to make her a clutch and give it to her at her bridal shower. She loved the bag and so did another mother who had a daughter getting married the very next month. She loved it so much she came up to me in tears saying she had to have one for her daughter and handed me cash right there on the spot! That was it for me, I knew I could do this. So I set up my Etsy shop the next month and opened with only 4 bags available, now a little over one year later I have 179 items and 226 sales!

2.  What is your favorite part about creating these bags?

I love seeing all the fun color combinations that brides are using. I love the challenge of creating a bag that compliments their bridesmaid dresses and matches their wedding colors.

3.  What would you recommend to clients before starting their design?

If the brides are purchasing bags for their bridesmaids to use on their wedding day I would suggest that they consider what color their bridesmaids are going to be wearing and choose a color that would compliment it, instead of trying to match it exactly. While the exterior of the bag is important, the interior of the bag can be just as fun. The interior can highlight their bridesmaid dress colors or maybe the colors of their flowers.

4. How long does it take you to make a bag, and how far in advance should clients order to ensure their product in time?

On average it takes me about one hour from start to finish to make a bag. I now guarantee that all bags will be shipped within 7 days of ordering and all my bags ship for free within the United States! I even off rush options if they need it even faster than that. I have found that bridal accessories and gifts are usually close to last on the bridal "to do" list. So shipping their items quick has given me the opportunity to work more brides.

5. What is your number one piece of "wedding advice?"

Don't stress! I know, I know being a bride myself that is nearly impossible to do. Planning a wedding is so special and exciting and trust me it goes by WAY to fast! Enjoy every piece of planning and every special event surrounding your wedding. I kept reminding myself that this day isn't about my hair or my shoes, it's about the love that my soon to be husband and I share.

6.  What color trends are you seeing?

According to Pantone the color of the year should be emerald green. But I have to tell you I haven't sold one emerald green bag this year! I am seeing three very popular color combinations. Navy blue and gold are huge, I can't tell you how many bags I have sold in this combination. I have also sold a lot of bags in really light pinks such as blush pink, or petal pink with either golds or navy blues. The last popular color combination is the blackberry purple and silvers.

7.  What's your current favorite color combination and/or project you've worked on for a client?

This is such a hard question! I love so many color combinations but I would have to say that my top combinations would be navy blue with a blush pink, or Tiffany blue with a dark red.

July 23, 2013

9.8.2012 ~ Willamette Wine Wedding

 *Wedding by Ashley

Chelsey and Kyle had chosen Oregon as the destination spot for their wedding, and chose Willamette Valley Vineyards as their venue.  WVV has stunning views and some amazing places for pictures.  This wedding had so many amazing details (if you know me, you know I love the details). 

To start off, Chelsey had made a handkerchief for her soon-to-be new mother-in-law.  The sentiment and love behind this gesture touched my heart, and was an amazing way to honor Kyle's mom.  It wasn't just the handkerchief, or that she had gotten her "something" as a thank you, it was all of that combined with the sweet and thoughtful words she had put on it.

When the bridesmaids showed up, I was instantly in love with the jewelry that one of them was wearing.  I asked her where she got it, and she told me that Lisa for Clara Beau Jewelry had made all of the matching sets just for the wedding!  I still love them just as much today as when I first saw them.  The jewelry was definitely "stop you in your tracks and ask about it" gorgeous. 

Even with being from out of state, Chelsey and Kyle still were able to pull off an amazing amount of DIY details such as these stunning cork balls and the branded wood box centerpieces.  She always had such great vision, and everything came together so beautifully.  She was even sweet enough to give us a few of the cork balls, and we display them proudly at our loft in Salem for all to see!  At every event we've ever taken them to, at least a handful of people have asked to take pictures of them!

The sweet sentiments continued on in the day with a special remembrance in their program for loved ones that couldn't be there in person at the wedding.  During the ceremony, Chelsey and Kyle performed a wine ceremony in which they blended two wines, resembling their two lives joining as one.  This was a perfect ceremony for the wedding being held at a winery and vineyard venue! 

Part of the decorations on the cake were family heirloom brooches.  This was one of my favorite parts!  Instead of renting some gorgeous "cake bling," or having to buy something, they incorporated these brooches.  And where was the cake to go?  On a custom wine cork board Chelsey and Kyle had made of course, on top of a wine barrel! 

The food was fantastic, the wine-ever flowing, and the party lasted well into the night with great music and dancing.  And the person who captured it all?  Evrim of Evrim Icoz Photography.  This was our first time working with him - and we can't wait to work with him again.  His energy is infectious (yet professional of course).  He seemed to never have less than three cameras on him at a time, and worked non-stop from the moment he arrived until the moment he left.  Plus, he knows how to have fun while he's working!  We shared so many laughs that day, and I learned he is an excellent dancer!  To top it all off, his talent is breathtaking.  Going over the images of the day helped to bring back all of the memories and the details, because he captured them all.  Thank you Evrim for capturing Chelsey and Kyle's day so beautifully for them.  I know they will cherish these forever!  Thank you for being so amazing to work with!

Coordination: Stargazer Weddings
Flowers: Lamb's Market
Officiant: Lisa Scott
Transportation: Blue Star

June 28, 2013

8.19.2012 ~ Youngberg Hill: Destination "I Do"

*Wedding by Ashley*

I am SO excited to finally share the details for Jordan and Alison's 8.19.2012 wedding!  They were both from out of state, and fell in love with everything about Youngberg Hill from what they could see online...so they decided to have a destination wedding here in Oregon!  They invited all of their most cherished loved ones to join them in the celebration.  I worked with Alison and Jordan with full planning assistance, and loved helping them find all of the vendors that would make their day perfect and fulfill their vision.  I didn't meet them until the day before the wedding, but I felt like I'd known them for years by the time we met!  I was so excited to finally meet them, and I was even more excited to share in the joy of their wedding with them and their guests.  Plus, it was great to watch them as they experienced Youngberg for the first time!  Nicolette and her crew take such great care of their clients - and were a total blast to work with.  They were so helpful, and always had smiles on their faces.  We love working out there!  Plus, that view is simply breathtaking!  Oh, and endless supplies of good wine too!

Most of their guests stayed at the Grand Hotel in Salem.  We organized, packaged, and delivered little welcome bags to the hotel for their guests - complete with Oregon information, wedding itinerary, and local grown hazelnuts covered in chocolate!  We love the Grand Hotel - they take great care of their clients, and delivered each bag to the guests as they arrived.  What a great way to say thanks for coming!

Alison looked stunning.  The first time I saw her I got teary.  It wasn't just the dress, and the hair, and the makeup, and the accessories...it was all of that combined with her beaming personality and overflowing love for Jordan.  She loves Jordan SO much, it showed in every ounce of her being all day long.  That type of love and joy is infectious!  She had amazing Jimmy Choo shoes and her makeup and hair was by the talented team at Face Body Beauty - we love all those ladies!

Alison had a really good idea of the vision and look she wanted for their wedding, and we knew just the vendors to make it happen!  Denice of Distinctive Designs make all of the bouquets, centerpieces (pears included), and decorated the aisle.

Rentals came from lots of amazing places such as Barclay Event Rentals (chuppah), Crossroads Fine Linens (overlays), and the rest (including the amazing food), came from Willaby's Catering and Event Design. We love Jean and her crew!  And to top it all off, Jordan's own sister made the wedding cake - what a special gift!

This wedding was also deep with Jewish tradition.  I love traditions, and I loved the programs that they designed that explained all of the traditions, and their meanings.  They signed a Ketubah, got married under a chuppah, circled three times, exchanged rings, Sheva Brachot (Seven Blessings), breaking of the glass, and the Yichud!  The Ketubah expresses the idea that marriage is a partnership based in love and commitment.  This is an intimate setting with family, and is usually displayed in the couple's home after the wedding.  The chuppah is a wedding canopy held up by four poles.  It symbolizes the new home that Alison and Jordan are building together.  There are no walls in this new home, encouraging the couple to follow Abraham and Sarah, whose tent was always open to guests.  The chuppah also had the tallis (prayer shawl) of Jordan's grandfather.  After arriving at the chuppah, the couple circles each other three times to symbolize their unity as they begin their life together.  The rings used during the ceremony were Jordan's grandparents, who wore the bands when they were married in 1939.  These very special rings have been used in many family weddings such as Jordan's parents and sister.  Sheva Brachot (Seven Blessings) offers thanks for 1) the fruit of the vine, 2) the creation of the world, 3) the creation of humanity, 4) the wisdom, intelligence, and free will with which every person is endowed, 5) the joy and happiness of Zion, 6) the love between the bride and groom, and 7) a wish for the couple's delight, cheer, love, harmony, peace, and companionship in their life together.  The breaking of the glass has many interpretations, one of which is a symbol of how fragile life and love can be.  The glass is broken to protect the marriage with the implied prayer, "as this glass shatters, so may your marriage never break."  The final ceremony tradition was Yichud.  Immediately following the ceremony the couple has an opportunity to spend a few minute's in each other's company.  Yichud means "alone together," and it gives the couple the opportunity to share privately the power and importance of this moment in their lives. 

During the ceremony they had an extremely talented string quartet, Duo Con Brio.  This was our first time working with them, and we hope to work with them A LOT in the future.  Not only talented, but highly professional as well.  Kevin from NW Mobile DJ Service was also there and helped the event run smoothly, and kept the party going long into the night.  Jordan and Alison had taken a dance lesson from a local professional, and their dance was amazing!  It was like out of a movie...the twirls, the dips, the kiss at the end....*swoon.*  Oh, and the bride? Also talented in playing the clarinet and belly dancing!  She played a song during the cocktail hour, and did a belly dance later in the reception. 

So many fun, amazing memories from this couple and this wedding.  Thank you to all of the vendors, and thank you Alison and Jordan! 

P.S. Jordan, you picked out one GORGEOUS ring for your wife!

*Photos by Brittany Wong of 5th and 59th Photography.